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Monday, March 21, 2011

Sugar Diabetes Is Not Sweet

Answer: 20-30 years (question at end of post)

·        Type 2 diabetes - pancreas does not produce enough insulin, or the muscle cells does not able to properly utilize the insulin.

·        Type 1 diabetes - body has no or low insulin production, which is caused by autoimmune disorder and only treated with insulin shots. 

·        Effects of Diabetes: amputation, blindness, coma, death, decreased libido organ failure.  (

·        Diabetes was once considered a senior-citizen’s blood disorder, today the onset of childhood diabetes increase yearly.

Classes and Actions of Medications:
-Sulfonylureas  - stimulates the pancreas to make more insulin  
-Biguanides -  shut off the liver's excess glucose production
-Sulfonylureas can induce weight gain, upset stomach, headache and hypersensitivity reactions.
-Sulfonylureas are teratogenic cannot be used in pregnancy or in patients who may become pregnant.
-Impairment of liver or kidney function, increase risk of hypoglycemia.

-Alpha-Glucosidase Inhibitors - slow absorption of carbs in the intestine
-Thiazolidinediones - increase the body's sensitivity to insulin
-Meglitinides - stimulate the pancreas to make more insulin
-Oral anti-diabetic drugs used for diabetes mellitus adult type 2
Garlic is considered to be the best herb for directly lowering blood sugar as well as for the repair of pancreas cells and stimulating the pancreas to produce insulin [naturally]

Garlic and Lemon
Recent researches have established the beneficial properties of regularly consuming garlic and lemon either in their pure form or in the food preparations for all diabetic patients.

Insulin Producing Organs:
Pancreas, liver and muscle cells are responsible for glucose metabolism and if there is any defect in this organ may end up with diabetes.  

How Garlic Works: Allicin the “magic bullet” component penetrates cell walls fortifying existing and new cells.

15 minutes in the body – compound break-down goes to:
         Lymph System
         Naturally Stimulates Organs (Pancreas and Liver to naturally produce insulin)
         Enters Blood System
         Digestive Properties

Excerpted from: Barks Herbs Roots Twigs - The Earth Pharmacy© an information and reference presentation. 

The TONIC Nutritional Garlic Supplement is made from the original centuries-old recipe first given to prevent colds and flu. Containing apple cider vinegar, lemons and large concentrations of garlic formulated to deliver maximum protective benefits with absolutely no garlic smell or unpleasantness. Garlic is a scientifically proven panacea for the human body.

This is not medicine or medical advice. Nutritional supplements may react adversely with over-the-counter and prescription drugs. Consult the prescribing health-care provider before taking nutritional supplements provider and for the diagnosis and treatment of all illness and medical concerns.

Question: What is the approximate amount of time a diabetic can live relatively comfortably on insulin therapy?

Childhood Diabetes?!!! Think about it ...

 The TONIC Nutritional Garlic Supplement is made from a centuries-old recipe originally taken seasonally to prevent colds and flu. The combination of organic ingredients contains the power of raw garlic and no unpleasant residue formulated to help maintain Good Health, Naturally.
This is not medicine or medical advice. Supplements may react adversely with synthetic drugs.
Consult doctor for all health concerns.

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