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Friday, October 12, 2012

Superbug Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea

 Is The Antibiotic Era Coming To An End?
Could it become the next AIDS? Gonorrhea is the newest superbug. Cara Santa Maria reporter HuffPost Science w/ author of Superbug and Beating Back The Devil, Maryn McKenna:

What is a Superbug: A superbug is any disease organism, a fungus, a virus, bacteria, that has gotten the ability to defend itself against not just one or two antibiotics but a number of antibiotics. If it’s not incurable, it’s pretty close. Bacteria and other infectious agents earn superbug status once they have developed resistance to a number of medications originally designed to wipe them out (like antibiotics). Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (commonly called MRSA) falls into that category.

The CDC, Centers for Disease Control, said ‘Look doctors just don’t use this one pill form of the drug anymore. Just stick to that one remaining injectable drug.’ What they were saying was ‘there’s just one drug left. One drug on the market that works reliably to clear the infection--an injectable drug, that’s all we’ve got.’
How bacteria develops antibiotic resistance: Bacteria produce a new generation every 20 minutes. Every time they reproduce they copy themselves, they make little copying errors. Those little copying changes make the bacteria stronger as opposed to weaker; they are better able to defend themselves against those compounds, antibiotics. And this is exactly what's happening with gonorrhea.
Pharma-companies say ‘There’s not going to be more drugs because we figured out that antibiotics aren’t really a cost-effective thing for us to make. Because we spend 10 years making the drug, we spend a billion dollars and then we bring the drug out and bacteria are resistant to it within a year.’
Would we really run out of drugs? What happens next? She said ‘No what happens after the injectable is clinical trials. We have to go back to pharma companies asking for something else.’ The antibiotic era starts in 1928 when Alexander Fleming looks at his lab dish of staph and realizes something has killed some of the staph; in that dish was the mold that makes penicillin.

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