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Friday, April 22, 2011

ALLICIN: The Mother Substance

Garlic's main components are Allicin and Selenium

In biochemical terms allicin is so keen in reacting with micro-organisms it is able to penetrate their cell walls. In doing so it is then able to upset their biochemical balance and impede their activity. At higher concentrations, the effect of allicin can prove lethal for the micro-organism and render it unable to reproduce.

Garlic Inhibits Transformation of Nitrates to Carcinogens. A new urine test developed at two U.S. universities has found that compounds in garlic and vitamin C slow a process (nitrosation) that converts nitrates from some *processed meats into cancer-causing agents. Scientists came up with a way to measure one biomarker linked to cancer risk and another that measures garlic consumption. … People who consumed more garlic showed less nitrosation and were less at risk for cancer.

When all said and done it is "ALLICIN" that has proven to be a most benificial component of garlic consumption. It is the "Mother Substance" the most important element of any garlic supplement.

*See Processed Foods-as Toxic as Tobacco

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This is not medicine or medical advice. Nutritional supplements may react adversely with prescription and over the counter drugs.


  1. Hello Diane:
    I want to thank you for your help with my allergies. You gave me a sample of your "Mothers Tonic" back in October 2010. I having been using it for 6 months and it really works. I has no smell or aweful garlic after taste. Thank you. I hope to see you again soon. God Bless You
    Sincerely; Robin A. Lococo

  2. And thank you for knowing the truth; God has provided man with everything necessary to enjoy “good health, naturally.” Your trust and support are much appreciated. Remember to tell somebody. Continued blessings …
    H.D.C. aka Town Crier