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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mosquito Repellants

Garlic is used in many mosquito repellants used in landscaping. So, why wouldn't it work for us? After eating a garlicky meal, we waited. The mosquitoes didn't bother us. But really, is this practical? Bottom line: Works, if you'd like to down garlic cloves on a daily basis.

[Not only does garlic repel mosquitoes, according to research it is a panacea for the human body. See: March 22, 2011, Garlic-Better Than Penicillin]

Fabric Softener Sheets
Rubbed onto the skin, this method did leave us mosquito bite-free … But it did irritate the skin of one of our testers. Bottom line: This Works.

[Is it possible that the same ingredient(s) causing skin irritant repels insects?] 

Like garlic, mosquitoes dislike chives. …we placed a few snippets in a centerpiece. Bottom Line: Might work but probably should be applied to the skin to see results.

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