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Thursday, February 10, 2011

No Tears – Not a Good Thing!

Last December while preparing food for a holiday celebration and having chopped several large red onions into mounds of evenly beautifully prepared onions and absolutely no tears. Since then I’ve intentionally cut onions deeply inhaling throughout the process and to date not a tear in sight. What’s up with that?

The produce person at WF had no such questions I was the first. She mentioned that using ice cold water or chopping onions in a very cold room lessens the crying element. Alright, but not applicable the this query.  Lastly, suggesting the possibility of my system's tolerance
was probably at immunity levels. Now that's food for thought.

The smell, deemed undesirable by some, is liken to garlic in that the power to fortify the body, against disease, is in the smell, caused when allicin and selenium is released. Onions listed as the third most potent natural herb (food) with pharmaceutical nutritional components having positive effects on the human immune system is preceded by Ganoderma and garlic.

They’re considered natural because they may be consumed from the earth with zero processing and minimum preparation. An inscription on the Great Pyramid states that sixteen hundred talents had been paid for onions for the workmen who built them.

The question: Are onion genetically engineered?

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