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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Rumor Meal Grinds Killer-Franken-Chicken aka KFC

There are always grains of truth whenever the ” Rumor Meal” begins grinding. KFC may not manufacture “spider chickens” but they do admit to “factory-farming” the chicken-like  product consumed by millions worldwide.

“Modern factory-farmed chickens look very little like their wild chicken ancestors,” as the ASPCA describes it. “Thanks to selective breeding—combined with low-dose antibiotics, excessive feeding and inadequate exercise—factory-farmed meat chickens grow unnaturally quickly and disproportionately. While their breasts grow large to meet market demand, their skeletons and organs lag behind. Many suffer heart failure, trouble breathing, leg weakness and chronic pain. Some cannot support their own weight and become crippled, unable to reach food and water.”  
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There seems a direct connection between the recent onset of childhood and adult diabetes, and the foods we eat. Remember McDonalds Chicken (?) Nuggets – watch video below:
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