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Sunday, November 25, 2012


Health-care professionals are treating disease because ...?

True story: Our German Sheppard was trained to retrieve his leash in preparation for going out side; midwestern winters demand wearing layers of climate appropriate clothing. Responding to ‘let’s go out’ he quickly learned to retrieve the leash and collar. We accepted the dog pending the owner finding pet-friendly housing. Sheik, his new name, was full grown, well trained and equally smart. During training sessions he was given doggy treats to encourage repeat behavior.  The treats worked exceptionally well because without prompting Sheik began retrieving the leash !!! 

Treats used for good. Endless possibilities ...!

There are Tonic Herbs that prevent colds and flu, cancer … everything from ADHD to zits. Practitioners of modern medicine admittally practice medicine on  patients waiting to have a disease treated with synthetic drugs laden with side effects that require medication - which requires medication!  The lethal cycle ends with  'Death from complication(s) of insert disease here.' 


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  1. we agree doctor want repeat business so they give cure that cause other sicknes so we come back for more treatment.