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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stop. Smoking. Skull & Cross Bones ...

While scouting the news for “post-worthy” fodder  Radio FREE KJLH 102.3 FM played a commercial beginning with statistics on the disproportionate number of smokers’ in Los Angeles County. There is currently a “Stop Smoking” movement/surge/awareness campaign in motion. The phone number is 1 800 NO BUTTS.

New Cigarette Warnings Released (PHOTOS) The article is complete with graphic color photos on packages of cigarettes and polls; the reader can rate the most affective image and register an opinion on (a) They [the photos] should have been more graphic (b) Too much! Please … let people smoke in peace (c) They’re great …good work FDA.

After my vote, the percentages were nearly divided equally; but (b) was favored by 3%.   How did I vote? You already know, I’ll verify it later.

The governing bodies allow addictive lethal chemicals to be combined with the tobacco put into cigarettes. Decades ago a written warning  was put on the packages; should have put a skull and cross bones with the warning. Smoking increased. Maybe these graphic images will do what mere words did not.

You’re right, I voted (a).

(See: , March 22, 2011. Stop Smoking & Weight Control)

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